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Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab 09/27 2023 View Details
Cisco CCIE Security Lab 09/27 2023 View Details
Cisco CCIE Data Center Lab 09/27 2023 View Details
Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless Lab 09/27 2023 View Details
Cisco CCIE Service Provider Lab 09/27 2023 View Details
Cisco CCIE Collaboration Lab 09/27 2023 View Details

Candidates who have been CCIE certified must take two exams to obtain the badge. The first exam is the core written exam of CCIE / CCNP, and the second is CCIE lab Exam. Many testers believe that lab exam are a huge challenge because it involves practical tests on troubleshooting and configuration and must be completed in eight hours. It takes a lot of time for certified candidates to practice lab exam to pass and get certification. Others hire a lab or build a lab on their own to ensure they have sufficient skills to pass the new CCIE lab Exam.

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CCIE Lab Exam Cost

In terms of exams fees, CCIE Lab Exam currently includes 6 directions- CCIE enterprise infrastructure lab, CCIE Security Lab, CCIE data center lab, CCIE wireless lab, CCIE service provider lab and CCIE collaboration lab. Each one of CCIE Lab Exam fees are $1600.

Cisco CCIE Recertification Policy

CCIE certification can be divided into three states: active, suspended and inactive

  • From the beginning of CCIE certification, recertification should be carried out every two years
  • If you don't recertify for more than two years, your CCIE status will become suspended in the third year which means that your CCIE number is temporarily suspended and you need to recertify in this year
  • In the suspended status, you can reactivate your CCIE number by taking any CCIE Written Exam. In other words, you can complete the recertification by taking any CCIE Written Test within 3 years after passing the CCIE certification.
  • If you still don't have recertification, your CCIE status will become inactive from the fourth year. If you want to activate the CCIE number in the future, you need to take another lab test which will aggravate the time cost and economic cost.

Ways To Pass CCIE Lab Exam

  • Using heavy books after a long time of learning, but the probability of passing is still very low.
  • Joining Cisco training institutions can shorten your study time but you still need to spend at least one year to pass the exam. Also, it doesn't guarantee you pass the exam.
  • Using BestCiscoDumps dumps is the fastest and most effective way. Also, it can guarantee that you can 100% pass the exam. All the questions come from real exam so you can pass the exam easily.


1. Can I pass the exam with dumps only?

Yes, all of our questions are 100% covered. You just need to remember our dumps and you can pass the exam

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We have teacher to track the latest situation of the exam every day. Once the exam changes, we will be informed and we will complete the update of dumps in a few days.

3. Do you offer explanations for the Q&As?
Yes, we do. However, we only provide explanations for those difficult to understand while others can be found in our exam pool. Moreover, we only provide explanations for some popular tests, such as CCNA.

4. What is the dumps’s format?

Our dumps format is VCE, similar to the real exam format.

5. How do I pay for the order?

We support available payment methods such as PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer and bank transfer. PayPal currently accepts the following cards: Visa/Mastercard/American Express/PayPal Top Up Card.

6. What if I fail the exam?

In fact, if you remember our dumps, you can pass the exam 100%. However, if you fail the exam due to a sudden change in the exam questions, we will provide you with a 100% refund guarantee. In addition, it is recommended that you apply for a free extension service to prepare for the exam. Our service team will continue to serve you after confirming your next exam date.

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