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Exam Code: CCIE Collaboration Lab v3.0
Exam Fee: $1600
Exam Duration: 8 hours
Vality Period: 3 years
The Main Topics of CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam:

1.Protocols and APIs
2.Infrastructure and Quality of Services
3.Call Control and Dial plan
4.Endpoints and User Management
5.Edge Services
6.Media Resources and Meetings
7.Collaboration Applications and Services

Cisco CCIE Collaboration v3.0 practical examination is an eight hour practical examination, which requires candidates to plan, design, implement, operate and optimize complex enterprise collaboration solutions. The examination content includes the following knowledge points: Protocols and APIs/Infrastructure and Quality of Services/Call Control and Dial plan/Endpoints and User Management/Edge Services/Media Resources and Meetings/Collaboration Applications and Services.

There is no formal prerequisite for CCIE Collaboration certification. Under normal circumstances, CCIE candidates need five to seven years of experience in designing, deploying, operating and optimizing collaborative technologies and solutions. But with the help of BestCiscoDumps, you can pass the exam as soon as three months. Because we provide 100% effective CCIE Collaboration lab dumps. So if you choose us, we can guarantee that you can pass CCIE successfully.

CCIE Collaboration Lab Topology

Cisco CCIE Collaboration Lab v3 Topology

CCIE Collaboration Lab Equipment

1.1 Introduction

1.2 TFTP Service optimization

Refer to Email #1. Based on Thy’s requirement, choose one recommendation from the options below.

  • Implement a third party load balancer.
  • Enable the peer firmware sharing feature.
  • Enable “Load server” on the IP phones.
  • Check DHCP configuration for IP phones.
  • Ensure that the TFTP service is actually activated and running on designated UCM nodes.
  • Check the voice vlan configuration for IP phones.

1.3 NTP for HQ, Site B and Site C Applications

Ensure that the applications and devices at each site are properly synchronized with the NTP server at, and that the system clock reflects the appropriate time zone. HQ is in U.S. Pacific Standard Time, Site B is in U.S. Central Standard Time, and Site C is in Hong Kong time.


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What jobs can I get with CCIE Collaboration?

  • System Architect
  • Senior VoIP Engineer
  • Senior Voice Engineer
  • Senior Collaboration Engineer
  • Senior Network Architect

According to the survey, the average salary of engineers who have obtained CCIE certification is $193,500.

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