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Exam Code: CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab v1.0
Exam Fee: $1600
Language: English
Exam Duration: 8 hours
Vality Period: 3 years
The Main Topics of CCIE EI Lab Exam:

1.Network Infrastructure
2.Software Defined Infrastructure
3.Transport Technologies and Solutions
4.Infrastructure Security and Services
5.Infrastructure Automation and Programmability

Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab practice exam is an eight hour practice exam, which requires candidates to plan, design, deploy, operate and optimize dual stack solutions (IPv4 and IPv6) for complex enterprise networks. The examination content includes the following knowledge points: network infrastructure / software defined infrastructure / transport technologies and solutions / infrastructure security and services / infrastructure automation and programmability. There is no formal prerequisite for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification. Under normal circumstances, CCIE candidates need five to seven years of experience in designing, deploying, operating and optimizing enterprise network technologies and solutions. But with the help of BestCiscoDumps, you can pass the exam as soon as three months. Because we provide 100% effective CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab dumps. So if you choose us, we can guarantee that you can pass CCIE successfully.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Topology

BestCiscoDumps CCIE EI Lab Topology

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Equipment

1. Section 1: Existing Network Review & Tuning
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Layer 2 Technologies in HQ

Complete and correct the EtherChannel configuration between switches sw101, sw102, sw110 according to these requirements:

  1. At the end of task, all EtherChannels between switches sw101, sw102, sw110 must be up and operational including all their physical member links.
  2. Do not create new Port-Channel interfaces, reuse those that already exist on the switches.
  3. When resolving existing issues, do not change the preconfigured negotiation protocol (if any).
  4. On EtherChannels that use a negotiation protocol, tune its mode of operation for the shortest link bundling time possible.

Configure Spanning Tree Protocol on switches sw101, sw102, sw110 according to these requirements:

  1. The STP root for VLAN 2000 must be sw101
  2. The STP root for VLAN 2001 must be sw102
  3. The roots must be elected based on bridge priority
  4. On the three switches, have STP perform cost calculations in 32-bit arithmetic
  5. On the three switches, use the Rapid STP version and ensure that it can achieve rapid convergence on all interconnections between the switches.
  6. On sw110, prevent all current and future access mode interface from being affected by the Proposal/Agreement process.

1.3 First Hop Redundancy Protocol in HQ

For IPv4, implement an FHRP mechanism on sw101 and sw102 for VLANs 2000 and 2001 according to these requirements:

  1. Use group number 100 for VLAN 2000 and group number 101 for VLAN 2001.
  2. Use the first available IPv4 address in the subnet for the address of the virtual router.
  3. For VLAN 2000 - SW101 must be the preferred gateway & for VLAN 2001 - SW102 must be the preferred gateway. Do not rely on the IPv4 addresses of the switches as role tiebreakers. The role must be determined by an explicit configuration solely on the intended preferred gateway.
  4. Each preferred gateway must monitor the reachability of both routers r11 and r12 using the loopback IPv4 address of the routers by an ICMP Echo. The reachability is to be verified every 5 seconds with a timeout of 400 msec. A router must be declared unreachable as soon as it does not respond to three probes in a row. If both r11 and r12 are declared unreachable from a preferred gateway, the other switch must be allowed to assume the gateway role.
  5. Use the FHRP protocol that allows the virtual IPv4 address to match the IPv4 address of a member router.


1.16 Enabling Internet access to FADB2
2. Section 2: Implementing Proof of Concept SDX Branches
2.1 Correcting the IP Adresses of Managed Switches in DNA Center
2.2 Completing VN Configuration in DNA Center
2.3 Mapping SDA VNs to SD-WAN VPNs
2.4 Configuring SD-WAN VPN Route Leaking
2.5 Handling Guest Traffic
2.6 Support for Silent Hosts in Branch #2
3. Section 3: Making use of Programmability
3.1 Enabling CLI Access to R30
3.2 Using Guest Shell and Python on r30
3.3 Automated Configuration Backup Script
3.4 The End

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What jobs can I get with CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure?

  • Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Security Architect
  • Sr. Solutions Architect
  • Systems Architect
  • Manager, Network Engineering
  • Senior Computer Network Architect
  • Threat Analyst

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