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Exam Code: CCIE Security Lab v6.0
Exam Fee: $1600
Language: English
Exam Duration: 8 hours
Vality Period: 3 years
The Main Topics of CCIE Security Lab Exam:

1.Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention
2.Secure Connectivity and Segmentation
3.Infrastructure Security
4.Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control
5.Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security

Cisco CCIE Security V6.0 practical test is an eight hour practical test, which requires candidates to plan, design, deploy, operate and optimize network Security solutions to protect your network. The examination content includes the following knowledge points: perimeter Security and introduction prevention / secure connectivity and segmentation / Infrastructure Security / identity management, information exchange, and access control / advanced thread protection and content Security.

There is no formal prerequisite for CCIE Security certification. Under normal circumstances, CCIE candidates need five to seven years of experience in designing, deploying, operating and optimizing Security technologies and solutions. But with the help of best Cisco dumps, you can pass the exam as soon as three months. Because we provide 100% effective CCIE Security Lab dumps. So if you choose us, we can guarantee that you can pass CCIE successfully.

CCIE Security Lab Topology

BestCiscoDumps CCIE Security Lab v6 topology

CCIE Security Lab v6.0 Equipment

1.1: Introduction
1.2: AnyConnect VPN deployment
1.3: SSL VPN Deployment

You have been asked to deploy a remote VPN solution in the Internet Edge 2 layer of the network to support traffic that originates from a web browser. The requirements are as follows:

  • The last octet of the inside, outside, and management interface addresses must be .1, .1, and .58 respectively.
  • These interfaces must be named “inside” , “outside” and “mgmt.”.
  • Marketing and Engineering PCS must be able to establish remote VPN sessions using clientless SSL VPN tunnel with an idle timeout of 2 days.
  • The VPN sessions must be authenticated by ISE using Active Directory as the external identity source.
  • If Active Directory is not available, then users must be authenticated using the ISE internal database as a backup.
  • Only marketing and engineering clients can access their respective servers using their FQDNs.

1.4: Site-to-Site VPN 

You have been asked to secure Richardson branch traffic for the Engineering server SSL access situated in HQ DC 2. Also, Branch PC must be synchronized with the HQ NTP server using its FQDN. The secure communication must use the site-to-site IPsec VPN model using Cisco Firepower Threat Defense. Your implementation must permit only specific protocols and ports to allow connections from branch PCs to Engineering and NTP Servers.

1.5: FlexVPN

You have been asked to set up a secure link between the RTP branch and HQ. The link will provide confidentially and integrity for the traffic between supplicants in the network and intranet address space in DC 3. The requirements are as follows:

  • FlexVPN VTI method must be used to establish security between R16 and R5.
  • The secure tunnel must extend the network between SW7 and R4.

2.1: ASA1v-ASA11v Active – Standby Failover
2.2: ASA2v-ASA22v Active – Standby Failover
2.3: ASA1-ASA2 Active – Active Failover
2.4: ASA3-ASA4 Clustering
3.1: TAC PC 802.1X Authentication
3.2: Contractor PC MAB Authentication
3.3: QA PC 802.1X Server Based Authentication
3.4: Connectivity Issue
3.5: Logging Issue
3.6: Connectivity Issue
4.1: NGIPS Deployment
4.2: WSA Deployment
4.3: AMP for Endpoint Deployment
4.4: RBACL Deployment
4.5: TCP Sessions Throttling
4.6: ICMP Traffic Throttling
4.7: Network AMP RTC
4.8: Endpoint AMP RTC
4.9: Traffic Analysis and Quarantine
4.10: Email Issue
4.11: The End

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What jobs can I get with CCIE Security?

  • Security Technical Architect
  • Senior Network Security Architect
  • Senior Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Firewall Engineer
  • Information Security Engineer

According to the survey, the average salary of engineers who have obtained CCIE certification is $193,500.

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