Which statement about routing protocols is true?

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Which statement about routing protocols is true? 

A. Link-state routing protocols choose a path by the number of hops to the destination. 
B. OSPF is a link-state routing protocol. 
C. Distance-vector routing protocols use the Shortest Path First algorithm. 
D. IS-IS is a distance-vector routing protocol. 

Correct Answer: B 
Link State Routing ProtocolsLink state protocols are also called shortest-path-first protocols. Link state routing protocols have a complete picture of the network topology. Hence they know more about the whole network than any distance vector protocol. 
Three separate tables are created on each link state routing enabled router. One table is used to hold details about directly connected neighbors, one is used to hold the topology of the entire internetwork and the last one is used to hold the actual routing table. Link state protocols send information about directly connected links to all the routers in the network. 
Examples of Link state routing protocols include OSPF – Open Shortest Path First and IS-IS – Intermediate System to Intermediate System. There are also routing protocols that are considered to be hybrid in the sense that they use aspects of both distance vector and link state protocols. EIGRP – Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is one of those hybrid routing protocols.

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about routing protocols is true

Which statement about routing protocols is true?

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